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Brenda Campbell Ellison

Wow, the Wizard of Ox is a favorite memory of childhood in itself. I remember waiting for that special Sunday night each spring when it would be on TV. It was the one day of the year my brother and I could eat our supper in front of the TV. I remember I didn't really like the black and white part but if I didn't watch that part I couldn't hear "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Then my favorite part would come soon after,
when Dorothy opened the door and everything was in colour and beautiful.

Lorna Grant

My daughter and I would get our favorite snacks curl up in a blanket and watch the best movie ever. It's one of my favorite memories.


i will never forget meeting several of the munchkins at dalzell volvo in massachusetts.one of my all time favorite movies.
a masterpiece for sure.


Somewhere over the rainbow, monkeys fly.

Gail Needles

I still haven't watched the flying monkeys.

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