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Barbara Marino-Williams

I remember throughout my childhood that whenever The Wizard of Oz would be on, my mom would make us all these jello cup treats that were to tasty to us as kids! They were the kind where there is a layer of jello then jello mixed with cool whip or whip cream...they looked so festive and were always a part of the tradition fo watching the classic Wizard of Oz!

cindy doyle

i love watching the wizard of oz on holidays

Ron Walker

I think i was about 5 or 6 years old and i saw those flying monkeys........i was afraid to go to the bathroom etc for fear they were going to grab me and fly me away LOL

Steven Titchenell

I use to look forward to Easter as much because of The Wizard of Oz being on around that time as I did for the candy & colored eggs


This is the first movie my parents let me stay up past my bedtime to watch the whole movie ... watched it with my family over and over... my middle child's lullaby was over the rainbow I had to sing her to sleep with that song every night/

Sandra Wellens

I have always loved her ruby slippers. As a child, I always wanted a pair but never got them. As a grownup, I own a pair!

This movie is one of my ultimate favorites. We must watch it 5x a year and we quote from it all the time.

Anne-Marie Walton

I got the part as Dorothy in the school play when I was 10. From then on been hooked, I have a tear everytime I hear over the rainbow, its one of my all time favorites - love it x


I can remember The Wizard of OZ was the favorite show....it was the flying monkeys that made me a fraid! I always wanted to be Glenda the GOOD WITCH!!!!!

Rose Richter

My best memories of the Wizard of oz is when We enjoyed it for the first time with out 4 year granddaughter Jessica she won't take her eyes off the tv after the movie was over she looked at us and said Grandma and Grandpa we live in Kansas can we go visit them ..my husband is 54 and i 49 just to see her smile over a movie we both enjoyed for years was priceless

Haley Walker

my favorite memory of the wizard of oz was when the munchkins were singing with the good witch.

Tracy Warren

The first time I watched the Wizard of Oz I remember sitting on the end of the couch and every time the wicked witch would come on I would have to go to the bathroom because she scared the pee out of me! I still watch it today. It's my favorite of all time!!!

Lynn Hansford

It wasn't the first time but it was the first time in color. I was about 5 and the single lady that lived in our apartment court had bought a color TV. She invited all the kids over to watch and it was so exciting. I just loved watching the horse of a different color change colors. I always have that memory of all of us neighborhood kids sitting cross legged on the floor.

Eugene Bergeman

My family used to watch it every year around Halloween. We didn't get a color television until my teen years, so the transition to color when she lands in Oz was amazingly new to me even though I had seen the movie at least 10 times already!

traci p.

When I was growing up, The Wizard of Oz came on a couple of times a year on Sunday night and I had to beg my mom to let me stay up late enough to watch it all and promise her I would get up for school on Monday morning with no problems! I have always loved it and will always love it...a TRUE classic!!


When I started teaching, many years ago, I soon found out that the first grade teacher was a bigger fan than me. My final "job" was to find the ruby slippers hidden in the school so I could "go home." Thanks, Mary!

ged spears 60 queen street redcar ts10 1bq

I don't remember the 1st time i watched wiz i just seem to have had it as part of me forever...it is my fav film and when we saw it at the palladium it became my fav stage show...bored put on the vid..depressed put on the vid just any time it will make you smile..xxx

Cheryl Rushing

I don't remember the first time I ever watched The Wizard of Oz, but I do remember it used to come on TV every year and my dad would make a big event out of it. We had this bar table between the kitchen and the living room and during the first half of the movie while my brothers laid on blankets and pillows in front of the TV my dad and I would make peanut butter cookies at the bar table. He would always let me put the fork design on them! By the time the movie was almost finished we would have fresh, warm peanut butter cookies to eat. Those were the best nights...


I remember when I was little. It was probably around 1967 when I really first remember this but my dad would pop up pop corn for my siblings and myself and we would all get a bowl of it and would sit in the TV room to watch The Wizard Of Oz. I have always loved that movie but I can still see myself sitting and watching it with my own colored bowl. Each of us (4 in all) had a different color bowl. This has been one of my all time favorite movies.

R Andy

My favorite memory is when my son put a large funnel on top of his head,and proceeded to dance around as, "The Tin Man"(while watching the Wizard of Oz). He was 4 yrs old.


When I was little, The Wizard of was my first movie and I enjoyed it with all my heart. I really loved it so much it was my favorite and my favorite part was when the witch melted. I use to dress up and get a broom and pretend I was the wicked witch and I made my mom throw water on me, and then I would melt and say I'M MELTING, MELTING. I loved it and I still do. I adore everything about it. I used to watch every day when I got home from kindergarten. It was the best.


I remember I was in 5th grade and have been hearing about this magical movie for a few weeks. I just got my home work finished, eaten and taken a bath. I was settling in between my Mom and Dad and the marvelous music started and it seemed from that moment I was mesmerized. I was not an avid watcher of old TV and knew none of the actors in it, so it was truly a opener to the imagination on my first trip down the Yellow Brick Road. A few years ago I got the pleasure of meeting the Coronor of Munchkin city at a book signing in Orange Park Fl and I was thrilled. I was sharing the moment with my own Son and the magic erupted once more.

Claudia Wilson

My favorite Wizard of Oz moment is now and will be forever "I think I'll miss you most of all" I am 52 and have owned the movie in VHS, and DVD. Have watched literally hundreds of times with my children and now my grandchildren, and I still get teary when Dorothy has to say goodbye to the beautiful scarecrow.

PJ Keeley

I remember waiting for it to be on tv every year. It was a special event for me. I love that I can now watch it whenever I want, but I do miss the anticipation and some of "specialness" is gone.

mary a. conner

ive been watching the wizard of oz, ever since i can remember. its a beautiful show. i watch it still evry yr. even got the 50th edition of the movie.. i loved to hear her sing , somewhere over the rainbow. i taught myself to play it on the piano. thats 1 of the best movies, they ever made//

Indyanna Campbell

I was 5 it was christmas day and 3pm, dinner was eaten and we sat down to watch The Wizard of OZ and there are two scenes I remeber from that day, the one where dorothy runs away and meets the magician and he sends her back to aunt Em and the moment the Lion jumps out and says "Put em up" and Dorothy slaps him on the nose. Oh and falling asleep in the poppy fields,mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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