This is Why Kids Love The Wizard of Oz

You and your family have probably seen the classic 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz” and probably thought that this makes one of the best films a family could enjoy and leave a good impression on kids, as well as adults.

Truth be told, The Wizard of Oz is a great film to be watched before any child turns 12 because the lessons will influence his/her views in life. If you are wondering what makes this classic film loveable among children, make sure to read further! Learn more about the significance of a father-child bonding through actitivies such as enjoying the Wizard of OZ. 

Dorothy as a loveable character

Kids love characters that follow their longing for adventures, and the goody-two-shoes Dorothy happens to be one of them. She was an average girl who followed the yellow brick road of life in search of more possibilities, happiness, and validation. She is in search of that place over the rainbow where “troubles melt like lemon drops.” In a way, Dorothy represents us, our thirst for adventure and trouble-free life.

The Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow

Dorothy’s journey would not be as enjoyable without the companions she met along the way. As you see, her friends are in search of heart, brain, and courage—characteristics that are valuable in our growth as good human beings. By having these characteristics, we are bound to triumph over life’s hardest times.

Kids love these characters because they help each other during hard times. And whether we realize it or it, their friendship reminds kids (and adults as well) that our friends are vital for us to live life to the fullest.

Not only that—each of these characters teaches us something: the Scarecrow, who is in search of a brain, teaches children that we need self-awareness. The Tin man, who is in search of a heart, made us realize that sometimes, we don’t have to search for it because we have it all along with us. And the Cowardly Lion, who is seeking courage, made us realize that it takes enough courage to face our fears and be true to ourselves and our values.


It goes without saying: kids love pets, including Toto! At the very core of The Wizard of Oz story is a little girl with her cute dog, which is the embodiment of the innocence of a child. Toto is often in danger because he is the usual target of The Wicked Witch, being it known that the dog is dear to Dorothy. Kids can feel threatened when Toto is in danger because of their affinity for little, cute, and loyal pets.

The Great Wizard of Oz

The Great Wizard of Oz signifies children’s dreams and aspirations. In the movie, the wizard is touted to have all the answers to all problems. Dorothy and her friends spent most of the time in the film looking for the all-knowing Wizard of Oz. Just like Dorothy, kids dream ambitiously and feel powerful enough to conquer anything that comes their way to their dreams. However, Dorothy and her friends found out that The Great Wizard of Oz is just an average middle-man that has no power at all. All along, the journey was really all about realizing that the key to your dreams lies within you.

In simpler words, The Great Wizard of Oz makes children realize their abilities, capabilities, and power to conquer their dreams—that they do not need anyone to do it for them. It makes children realize to stop chasing for face-value, external validations, and to look within themselves.

The entirety of the film

The Wizard of Oz is full of elements that were weaved beautifully into one seamless film. The unique characters, memorable performances, amazing songs, attention to detail of the overall design, and heartwarming events. The movie is a perfect allegory story that contains a lot of layers and symbolism.

The life lessons

More than the happiness and enjoyment felt while watching the film, what makes The Wizard of Oz amazing is the life lessons it entails. Children and adults alike realize that there is no place like home and that there is no need to seek external fulfillment because everything is already with you—you, your friends, and your family. The film also teaches kids to love themselves as they are. We believe there’s no value more heartwarming than that!