Unusual Sports From Around the World

Since ancient times, people have relied on sports to be their source of entertainment and fitness. From boxing, basketball, cricket, football, tennis, and baseball. Several sports keep people fit, healthy, and most of all, entertained. But, some sports are so odd that it’s hard to believe they really exist, which is why we are going to list down some of these unusual sports from around the world. 

  • Chess Boxing – You’re probably thinking that we’re fooling you right now because chess and boxing are two unlikely activities to pair together. But someone had managed to do it and even went as far as considering it as a sport. In this game, competitors alternate from boxing to chess after each round. This means in order for you to compete, you will have to make sure that you have both the brains and the brawns. Chess boxing begins with a four-minute game of chess, and a two-minute round of boxing follows it. It’s either you take your opponent down with a KO or outsmart him with a checkmate. Chess boxing is a popular sport in England and Germany, but it is slowly gaining international fame. 
  • Buzkashi –  This is the national sport of Afghanistan, and in order to win this game, players must ride a horse and seize a decapitated animal such as a sheep, calf, or goat. They must do all of these while riding around some obstacles and bring the animal carcass to a circle. It may sound easy, but you have to do this along with hundreds of horseback riders trying to do the same thing. 
  • Street Luge – Some people must have heard or seen this sport. It made our list because it has weird rules, and you have to be brave enough to do it. Street Luge requires racers to lay flat while riding a retro-fitted skateboard or skate cars while going down steep roads. Racers usually wear leather abrasion gloves and suits so they would not catch any road rash. They also wear racing helmets along with thick-soled shoes because it doubles as their brakes. 
  • Cheese Rolling – Some people like to take their love for dairy products to another level. Cheese rolling requires competitors to chase down a wheel of cheese that is going down the hill. To add to the thrill, hundreds of people in the game are also chasing the same wheel of cheese. The first person to get a hold of the cheese and take it across the finish line wins. 
  • Wife Carrying – Forget going to couples therapy and take a chance on this ultra-competitive sport for couples. This sport requires the husbands to carry their significant others on their back and take them across the finish line. However, this is no simple piggy-back ride because the ladies are required to straddle themselves down their husband’s shoulders using their legs. They have to do this while their arms are wrapped around their husband’s waist. The winning couple will get to take home his wife’s weight in beer. 
  • Extreme Ironing – Whether you’re an extreme adrenaline junky or you’re just really good at doing your laundry, this sport is the right one for you. Extreme ironing is a sport that requires you to do crazy things while ironing your clothes. These wild things involve extreme activities such as wakeboarding and skydiving. All you have to do is to make sure that you iron a shirt correctly without burning a hole in it, or worse, dying. 
  • Bed Racing – Some people really like to take laziness to another level. Bed racing is a sport that originated in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. This game calls for a team of six, and one of them will have to lay on the bed and race their bed-like vehicles around the course. The team will have to make sure that their bed must be able to float and travel on four wheels. On top of that, it should also be decorated according to the sport’s annual theme.