What Are The Most Popular Cheeses In The World?

Everyone loves cheese! Just a sound or sight of this tasty food already speaks for itself. Eating it raw, cooked, or baked doesn’t matter. As long as you can relish its exquisite flavor, you can certainly satisfy anyone’s cravings.

The cheese itself is indeed popular around the globe. On the other hand, there are a variety of cheese in different shapes and sizes available in the market worldwide. Some countries would even have specialty cheeses that attach their country name on the surface of the cheese itself, making them one of their country’s pride. As a result, different sets of cheese are popular in different countries.

Here, those differences are all set aside to come up with some of the most popular cheeses in the world. Whether the cheese is part of the ingredients or healthy cheese snacks, these are revealed for everyone’s insight. So, continue to read below to check them out.

Camembert de Normandie

Normandy’s pride when it comes to delicious specialty cheese in France has reached popularity in some parts of the world. Weighing for an average of two hundred fifty grams, Camembert de Normandie is made entirely from raw cow’s milk. It has a strong and intense taste which is related to grass and butter with a moldy whiff. Camembert’s body has a soft and creamy interior with a moldy coat, packed in a small carton or wooden box to shelter its mushy interior. You can fully enjoy Camembert cheese while pairing it with a hot green or black tea.


The Gorgonzola is a cheese from the soils of Italy, predominantly from Lombardy and Piedmont. This cheese was first produced in a town in Lombardy called Gorgonzola during 879 AD. The notable blue or green marbling of mold in the cheese is made by inoculating the cow’s milk with penicillin spores.

Gorgonzola cheese can be distinguished in two different textures depending on the length of maturity. With two months of maturity, its texture is somehow creamy with a buttery and creamy sour taste, and it is called Dolce. If it is matured for about three months, the texture becomes firm and crumbly with a strong, rich flavor.


An entry coming from the land of Greece is the Feta cheese, otherwise known as the “Princess of Cheeses,” which is rated as one of the popular cheeses in the world. In case you ask, Feta is not a place in Greece; rather, it is a Greek word that means “slice.” It is primarily composed of about seventy percent of sheep’s milk and about thirty percent of goat’s milk. It is produced in selected regions in Greece, such as Epirus, Thessaly, Macedonia, Central Region, Peloponnese, and Thrace.

Feta is also considered the saltiest cheese by having seven percent of salt in its composition, which is perfect to pair them with salads and fruits.


Originated from the village of Cheddar in Somerset, England, during the 12th century, Cheddar cheese is undoubtedly one of the most popular cheeses on the globe. Cheddar is produced from pasteurized cow’s milk with a full and fine taste and a distinguishing characteristic of naturally melts in the mouth when eaten.

This popular cheese, however, is commercialized worldwide using the name cheddar as a brand with a different characteristic and quality. So, consumers should be wary about buying cheese branded as “Cheddar” since not all of them are genuine cheddars. Common uses of cheddar are macaroni and cheese, some pasta dishes, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even applying melted cheeses.


Another entry from Italy, the mozzarella cheese, is widely considered a popular and delicious cheese in different countries. Mozzarella is made from water buffalo’s milk making the cheese to be soft and stretchy with a delicate creamy flavor. The first written record of mozzarella cheese originated from Campania, Italy, in 1570. On the other hand, its antique procedure of making them dates back to the 4th century BC.

Across the boundaries of Italy, mozzarella cheese became popular in different parts of the world. A popular ingredient for most known pizzas, Caprese salad, and numerous dishes that require the stretchy nature of mozzarella cheese. Some people would even pair this delicious cheese with Cava, Riesling, or any light white wine.