How to Have A Wizard of Oz-Inspired Room?

As Dorothy quipped it, there is no place like home. When Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz said that, it really hit home. If the quote rings true to you, why don’t you transform your room into something that reminds you of the wonderful film?

In this article, we will give out some tips to help you transform your room into a Wizard of Oz-themed bedroom. If you want to learn more, make sure to read below!

 Why we love The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is one of the few movies that has exerted the most influence on the filmmaking industry who ignore to see the cinema as a medium of entertainment, but rather view it as a form of art that almost mimics our dreams.

A movie wherein we were plunged into a world of color and adventure, this 1930s movie tugged the heartstrings of the many from the past, the present, and the future generation.

If you are after Dorothy’s style

We all know Dorothy as a young, fun, and energetic gal. She thrives in a quiet life on a farm in Kansas, but inside, she is a dreamer who yearns for adventure and the possibilities life has to offer. If you fancy Dorothy, one way to emulate her style is through incorporating her adventurous and humble disposition in your room.

To cop that Kansas vibe, place a lot of traditional elements that would remind you of Kansas. Wooden chandelier, wooden-framed mirror, and wooden floors to remind you of what the country life feels like. Make sure these décors feel trendy and pleasing.

Reflect Dorothy’s feisty and passionate spirit by incorporating some trendy and modern pieces that upgrade the space out of the 1930s and into the present. Rattan accents, muted color palette, and wishbone desk chair are great embellishments. Upgrade your room’s style with the ruby slippers (and Toto, too!).

If you are after the Scarecrow’s style

Scarecrow was Dorothy’s first and favorite friend. If you love Scarecrow’s quirk, aim for a rustic vibe and pull in reminiscent elements such as old-world library paraphernalia to give recognition to his thirst for knowledge.

Scarecrow was from the countryside, it should reflect in your room. Create a rustic farmhouse base using weathered woods, traditional pieces, and natural textures. To round out the look, make the walls muted red. Add traditional yet traditional pieces such as wooden benches and cabinets to amplify that rustic vibe.

If you are after the Tin Man’s style

He, who always wanted a heart, and never knew he had it inside him all along. Tin Man is such an adorable character, appearing hard on the outside but soft on the inside. Be creative and reflect these contrasting characteristics in your room. If you think of Tin Man, you can correlate an industrial yet funky vibe with him.

To cop his style, add industrial elements like aluminum paneling and tone it with bold pops of color for that playful vibe. Add statement elements such as the oil can and his ticking heart clock.

If you are after the Cowardly Lion’s style

The Cowardly Lion joined Dorothy’s adventure because he wants to be brave. Fast forward to today, we think the Cowardly Lion’s not as coward as he thinks he is. Bold, high-contrast, and strong are perfect words to describe him, and as such, your den.

In designing a room that is inspired by the Cowardly Lion’s style, think of the sub-Saharan African landscape (because lions are the kings in their jungle). Incorporate bold patterns, natural textures, and more. Seagrass headboard, a lion painting, a wooden cabinet, printed carpet, and dark grey walls are some items you may like to add to your room.

If you are after Wizard of Oz’s style

Transform your room into a wonderful world of Oz by incorporating the Wizard’s statement color—green, but make it modern. Emerald green walls or wallpapers are a great way to spruce up your own space. Curvilinear furniture and geometric forms are also great embellishments.

The curtains, bed frame, and a gray accent chair add up to your room that’s oozing in luxury. If you can, have one wall painted with the yellow brick road. That would be a major design trend.