What are the Major Diaper Brands?

Different diaper brands on a store’s shelf

One of the major concerns of every parent is to use soft, breathable diapers for their little creatures. Diapers have been available in multiple packs and introduced by numerous well-known brands.  Diapers save the mothers from cleaning the messy floors and bed covers. Selecting the best diaper brand for your baby keeps … Read more

What Are The Most Popular Cheeses In The World?

Photo of Cheese on Wooden Tray

Everyone loves cheese! Just a sound or sight of this tasty food already speaks for itself. Eating it raw, cooked, or baked doesn’t matter. As long as you can relish its exquisite flavor, you can certainly satisfy anyone’s cravings. The cheese itself is indeed popular around the globe. On the other hand, … Read more

What is Magnalite Cookware?

Magnalite Cookware

Magnalite cookware (or WagnerWare) is a kind of sturdy kitchen tool made up of magnesium and aluminum alloy. It was introduced to the market in 1934 by Wagner Wares as the company’s clever attempt to stay afloat amidst the Great Depression. The company highlighted the shiny appearance and efficient heat conductivity of … Read more

What Are The Different Types Of Window Treatments?

A shade-type window treatment

Windows are essential parts of the house that allows air to flow in and out. A structure that has properly placed windows is well-ventilated. On the other hand, if your house does not have enough windows, the airflow would be much of a problem. Besides providing ventilation to your home, windows are … Read more

Tips for Hosting a Wizard of Oz Watch Party

Hosting a Wizard of Oz Watch Party

Do you and your friends and family love watching movies? If yes, hit the yellow brick road with them by organizing a Wizard of Oz Watch Party. Everyone will undoubtedly enjoy the nostalgic vibe, the magical storyline, and the adorable characters the hit flick offers. When hosting the party, keep the following … Read more

Wizard of Oz Themed Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween candies

Whether Halloween is right around the corner or you are just looking for a spooky theme to spice up your party, different ideas could come to mind. Instead of using the typical costumes, such as ghosts and zombies – why not try a more appealing design, which could work well for both … Read more

Guide to Making Wizard of Oz Costumes and Props

Guide to Making Wizard of Oz Costumes and Props

What a better way to have a birthday party, a play presentation, or a slumber sleepover than to have The Wizard of Oz as a theme? The magical world of The Wizard of Oz is such a wonderful movie, more so, a theme that you can implement in your fun gatherings. Whatever … Read more

Discussing the Animals in the Wizard of Oz

Animals in the Wizard

A contemporary fairytale in a unique American setting, with an engaging story that triggered people’s fantasy, no surprise that it became a widely popular book, while screen adaptation is considered as the most influential film of all time. Part of its success is its adorable and relatable characters, from the “Tin Man,” … Read more

Artificial Intelligence, Robots and The Wizard of Oz

Ideas about robots and artificial intelligence have been immensely explored in literature at the advent of the twentieth century. In 1900, L. Frank Baum’s classic book “Wizard of Oz” featured the “Tin Man,” a character made out of metal looking for a “heart”, generally embodying what people now deem as robots. On … Read more

How the Wizard of Oz Shaped the Future of Cinema

How the Wizard of Oz Shaped the Future of Cinema

1939 has bestowed the world some of the most iconic films of all time, from Gone with the Wind, Ninotchka, The Women, to Stagecoach. Yet, none can probably match The Wizard of Oz as the most influential flick ever made. The classic fantasy flick became one of the biggest films of its … Read more