What To Look For When Choosing A Ring Light?

When you are recording a video or taking a selfie, you need to know that you have the right lighting. Even with the best script or location, a good video or picture needs good lighting. The lighting will set the mood and tone of our picture or video when you are taking a selfie or shooting a video.

A good selfie should reflect on the tone and the mood of the picture or video at the time. You need to ensure that the lighting you have will make it possible for you to relay your message successfully to your audience. No one likes looking at a dull picture and if you also want to attract more people to view your photos and videos, you need the best possible lighting for it.

What is a ring light?

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Nowadays many bloggers and vloggers use either tripod ring lights or clip-on selfie lights to make videos and shoot photos. There are several types of lights on the market that you can use to make your image much clearer. A ring light will help you get the best-lit picture or video so that you can look great. This light will distribute light well in any area you want to highlight so that you can take the perfect picture. Whether you are taking a selfie or making a recording, a ring light will help give focus to your face and therefore give you a better look.

Our selfie ring lights will make it possible for you to take professional-looking shots every time. This light will help hide any skin imperfections so that you look perfect in your photo or video. Ring lights will make you look attractive by bringing focus to your distinctive features.


Factors to consider when buying a ring light

When you are choosing a ring light, you need to consider several factors. These factors will help you get the best photo or video. The following are the most important factors to look for when you are choosing a ring light:


When it comes to ring lights, size does matter. A larger ring light is much better for you if you are looking to produce frequent content. You need to look at the diameter of the ring light when you are choosing so that you can get the best size for you. If you want to do headshots, you might consider a light with a diameter of 12 inches but if you have a larger budget, you can get one that is 18 inches in diameter. You need to remember that the wider the light, the brighter it is because it will have more LEDs.

Dimmable Lights

It is good to have the ability to add and reduce light when you are taking photos or videos. This is why you should consider getting a dimmable ring light. You will have control over the amount of light and you can adjust according to your needs. If there is no dimmer switch, you might have to move the light further from you when taking shots although this may not be convenient. Instead, to avoid this we highly advise choosing a ring light with dimmable setting options.


Choosing the power option for a ring light should depend on when and more importantly where you will use it. If you need to take photos and videos while on the move, you should consider a rechargeable ring light or one with a USB. If you get an outlet-powered light, you will be restricted to using it only when you are in a place with mains electricity. If you choose one with batteries, you will need to replace the batteries every so often and it is often difficult to gauge when the batteries are running out. If you choose a USB-powered ring light you get the best of both worlds. On location, you can use a power pack and at home, you can use your phone USB powered adapter.

Adjustable Color Temperature

If you need variable color temperature on your pictures and videos, you should get a ring light with this feature. It will save you money and time spent on editing the pictures before you get the results you need. Nowadays, the color temperature and dim feature are included together in most ring lights. Of course, check first.

Adjustable Neck

This refers to the ability to move your light and adjust it to focus on the subject. You can choose one with an adjustable neck so that you can angle up, down and to any side you like. If the ring is not adjustable, you can choose a light stand with a rotatable head so that you can move your light in any direction too.

It is important to note that a ring light will give you better lighting than fluorescent lights. Choose one that is within your budget and you will take awesome photos and videos any time of the day or night. Have fun creating better content for your audience.