What Jewelry Was Worn in The Wizard of Oz?

The Wizard of Oz was one of the most fantastic movie adaptations of a children’s book. L. Frank Baum wrote the book in 1900. It has been translated to movie and television series adaptations multiple times after its publishing. The most prevalent version to date was a musical made in 1939. Nowadays people are very eager to make props and wear jewelry similar to those in the movie. 

Director Victor Fleming was behind the beautiful musical, whereas Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson, and Edgar Allan Wood wrote the screenplay. The movie was a bit different from the book. Specific details which were a crucial part of the book were absent in the film because of the shortage of time. 

This movie was an acclaimed success at the box office soon after its release.  The music, the acting and the props, everything was awe-inspiring. The era of its making was not very digitized or advanced compared to today. However, still, the special effects won the audience’s heart. 

The musical was not only a visual masterpiece but also came with multiple lessons. It taught the viewers that the virtues we look for externally are present in us. Also, not everything which looks real is real. Most importantly, the thing we need the most is always with us; we just need to understand its true potential. 

Jewelry in The Wizard of Oz

Every great movie becomes remarkable because of the minor details which are a part of it. These details do not appear significant at first, but they are essential as part of the bigger picture. 

These particulars add finesse to the movie. Special effects and props play a vital role in the way characters appear. They decide the body language of the characters and the audience’s perception of every character. 

The Wizard of Oz was full of such special effects and props. The jewelry which was in the movie, though not much, was highly substantial in their notion. This jewelry eventually became a part of the famous rings in movies and TV.

The Heart Clock to Tick Tin-Man’s Heart

The Heart Clock to Tick Tin-Man’s Heart

Every character in the movie has its own distinguishing features. Each of the four lead characters has their own reasons to go to the Wizard of Oz. The tin man was going there in pursuit of a heart. The central plot behind the tin man’s missing heart was missing in the movie. However, the book tells us that he was once a real man with a genuine heart. 

The evil witch turned him into a non-human being, and when another human put him together, he forgot to put in the heart. On his departure from the Emerald City, the wizard gifted him with a heart-shaped watch that would tick-tock to mimic the sounds of a heart. 

So, this points out towards the presence of the heart within and only the need for a physical structure. The tin-man was a creature of emotions that did not only have the physical heart, which the wizard gave him in the form of the ticking clock. 

A Bravery Medal for The Cowardly Lion

A Bravery Medal for The Cowardly Lion

Dorothy’s friend, the cowardly lion, needed to be brave. There is no back story present behind him, neither in the book nor in the movie adaptation. However, the lion once said that it was his birth defect and was born that way. 

However, the lion stood with Dorothy throughout the story, faced the evil witch, and supported his friends against all odds. His personality traits were that of a brave individual, but he had always believed himself to be cowardly.

The wizard bestowed him with a medal for bravery which gave him the confidence to be himself in his life. The medal made him realize his true worth and polished the courage which was already present in him. 

The Good Witch’s Crown

The Good Witch was the savior Dorothy and her friends needed. Her attire, from clothes to props to jewelry, spoke of the positive vibes of her character. Her outfit became an all-girls favorite for Halloween parties in many years to come. The crown she sported during the movie was iconic. It was magnificent and grand in all aspects.

The crown was an essential part of her outlook, which she wore in the entire movie. The crown and the wand pair were ever so dreamy for the little girls to admire because of the power of good it exhibited. 

The Jewelry Made from the Movie’s Inspiration

The Wizard of Oz had become an inspiration for many jewelry items made. The fan base of the film is still enormous. People obsessed with this movie are always on the lookout for movie-inspired wearables and collectibles. 

Bracelets, rings, and necklaces have been trendy since the release of the movie in 1939. Moreover, the classic red slippers had been sold multiple times by the lovers of this movie. The basis of some of the jewelry was on the movie plot.

Charm Bracelets

The most popular item designed based on the movie are a variety of charm bracelets. These bracelets are available for sale on multiple online stores at reasonable prices. Every bracelet design is different, giving these bracelets a unique touch with a perfect memory of the movie. 

The most popular charms bracelet to have made the market is the classic ruby red slippers, the clock heart, and a hot air balloon. Other charm bracelets feature the emerald city, along with the yellow brick road and the rainbow. 

Moreover, bracelets are also available to represent just one theme: the emerald city, the ruby red slippers, or even the yellow brick road.

Themed Necklaces

Themed necklaces with quotes from the movie are classic collectibles of most people. The online shops for themed jewelry feature necklaces with ruby red slippers, some with an emerald stone, some with the quote: no place like home, and even some featuring Dorothy’s picture. 

Engagement Rings 

Engagement Rings 

There is a fan following, and then there is obsession. The world is full of people who do not love the movie to the point of watching and acquiring collectibles. Some people include the film in their lives. For this purpose, they plan their lives’ significant events around the movie theme. An engagement ring with emerald stone is the most popular in this category.

Also, there is a demand for a yellow brick road ring and ruby red ring to match the ruby red slippers’ trinket.

Final Word

A book read and loved by all; The Wizard of Oz had been a favorite ever since its birth. The musical movie made from its plot also became very famous. The film left a lasting impact on the generations of people. Therefore, people look for special little items for themselves and their children to remember the story’s lessons and give their loved ones a gift from their favorite collection. 

The movie did not feature a lot of jewelry. However, the limited pieces which were in the movie are still expensive collectibles. So, most people who cannot get the original articles choose to buy the reasonably priced inspired jewelry, which is present in many online stores.