Wizard of Oz Themed Halloween Party Ideas

Whether Halloween is right around the corner or you are just looking for a spooky theme to spice up your party, different ideas could come to mind. Instead of using the typical costumes, such as ghosts and zombies – why not try a more appealing design, which could work well for both adults and children? Interestingly, there is one theme you can use to bring out the fun and excitement in your party; it is the classical children’s story: The Wizard of Oz. 

What Is The Wizard Of Oz?

A lot of people might already be familiar with The Wizard of Oz since it is considered among the most popular children’s stories, and its film adaptation is one of the greatest films of all time. The popularity of The Wizard of Oz indeed proves how fascinating and credible it is with its interesting storyline and all of its unique characters. 

Because of this, it is no wonder why it often appears in different pop cultures, including film, television, music, theater, and so on. In addition to this, The Wizard of Oz could also be used as a theme for your Halloween party, mainly because of its colorful design, iconic characters, and amusing fantasy story. There are various The Wizard of Oz party ideas you can choose from to make your Halloween a truly memorable and worthwhile experience. 

That is why in this article, we are going to look into the different party ideas inspired by the classical children’s story: The Wizard of Oz. 

Dorothy’s Costume

The Wizard of Oz is not complete without the main character, Dorothy. Dorothy Gale, commonly called Dorothy, is a nice and smart girl who got trapped in the Land of Oz, and as the protagonist, it is her job to free herself from the land and return to her home. Because of Dorothy’s fascinating role in the novel, she quickly became known in our pop culture, mainly because of her unique costume. Dorothy is known for having a stunning blue gingham dress, along with iconic red ruby slippers. If you are looking for a costume to wear for your Halloween party, Dorothy’s dress and slippers are indeed a great combination. 


From the name itself, a scarecrow is an object made to frighten crows. But in The Wizard of Oz, he is a wise scarecrow who seeks to have a brain. Despite being a scarecrow, his appearance is not scary at all. Putting up a The Wizard of Oz-inspired Scarecrow in your house is a great way to heighten the atmosphere and make it inclined to the story. Since it is not as scary as it used to be, putting a scarecrow decoration in your house is fine for both adults and children. 

Toto’s Picnic Basket

We all know Dorothy’s beloved dog: Toto. In the story, Toto was almost taken away by Miss Gulch, wherein he was put inside a picnic basket as she drives away with her bike. Thankfully, Toto escaped the picnic basket and ran back home. This short but iconic scene has a huge impact on dog lovers because of Toto’s brilliance and adorable nature. Toto inside a picnic basket became a famous scene in The Wizard of Oz and also became an inspiration for Halloween costumes you can use for your puppy. If you are planning to bring your dog to a Halloween party, putting it on a picnic basket is one of the most simple and clever ideas you can do to give it a taste of The Wizard of Oz. 

Wicked Witch Cupcakes

Cupcakes are among the most common foods you can for trick-or-treats. If you are planning to have a The Wizard of Oz-themed Halloween party, making Wicked Witch cupcakes is sure to leave your guests fascinated. Creating Wicked Witch cupcakes is simple; you just need to have the basic ingredients: buttercream frosting, chocolate cake mix, and white cake mix. Once you already have your cupcake base, you can decorate it with chocolate wafers, candy sticks, fondant, and so on. Since it is a cupcake inspired by the Wicked Witch, you can replicate its appearance by creating striped socks and red shoes, along with a large, black witch hat.