Ideas for Throwing a Wizard of Oz Themed Party

Themed parties are a fun and exciting way to commemorate significant events and annual occasions. Birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, school reunions, engagement parties, and even weddings can even be extra fun when they are themed parties. 

One great theme for a party is the Wizard of Oz-themed party. This theme is a versatile one since people of all ages can use it. You can use this theme for children’s parties, family functions, or if you run out of college party themes– Wizard of Oz will suffice. 

Everyone enjoys themed parties, and while organizing one might be difficult at times, this guide will make your task of creating the finest Wizard of Oz themed party ever a lot easier. We also revealed the easy steps in playing the best Crazy Wizard Slot in this article. 


men wearing green suit, women wearing red dress, huge hall

How will others know about your party without party invitations? Party invitation is one of the essential aspects of your party planning. The invitations you give out must have a hint of a Wizard of Oz theme. 

You may use the usual license invitations. However, any party invitations with a rainbow design would suffice! Alternatively, you may create your own themed invitations and enjoy adding different colors and rainbow designs to all of them. You may use emerald green, yellow, or rainbow plain note cards. 

Choose one of the movie’s iconic lines to experience the Wizard of Oz feels to invite your visitors. You may use the line “Somewhere over the Rainbow is..” or “Follow the Yellow Brick Road to..” You may find other lines in the movie that sound appealing to you and write them down on your Wizard of Oz party invitation.


Make eating more fun by incorporating the Wizard of Oz theme on the party food! You may serve hotdogs which would represent Toto. Another great idea is to use funnel cakes or cotton candies to symbolize a tornado that happened in Kansas.

Corn on the cob is also a great way to show the scarecrow’s cornfield. Never miss the heart-shaped cookies that would symbolize the tin man. Lastly, who could forget about the rainbow-colored food? 


The Wizard of Oz characters, huge pink flowers, Certificate of Death poster

You can decorate a Wizard of Oz party in a variety of ways.

Begin by tying yellow or rainbow-colored balloons to the entrance to greet party attendees as they arrive. You may also create an arch of rainbow balloons.

Create the pattern of a yellow brick road on the walkway leading to the house using yellow sidewalk chalk. Then use black chalk or charcoal to highlight the outline of the bricks.

Get a pair of witch legs to come out from underneath the doorway. Place a sign on the door that says, “Bell out of order. Please Knock!” Stuff the stockings or tights with toilet paper, then draw black circles around the tights that resemble the witch’s legs. Finish with a pair of bright red glittering shoes.

Decorate the table with rainbow-colored tablecloths and vases loaded with lollipops or rainbow-colored flowers. You may also use a blue checkered tablecloth, then add yellow roses or beautiful sunflowers in vases. Place red-colored plates on the table. The color red would represent the ruby slippers in the Wizard of Oz. 


Wizard of Oz movie poster, faces of five main characters, musical staff

Every party wouldn’t be fun without the exciting party games. So the following are some of the Wizard-of-Oz-themed party games.

Yellow Brick Road

You can play this game both inside and outside. The partygoers will be split into two groups. Every team is provided two pieces of 8 x 11.5″ yellow paper pieces, which the players will use to get across the play area and back. 

To move across the play area, the players will put down one piece of paper then step on it. They can move by putting down the second piece in front of the first one, then stepping on it. After that, they will get the first piece, put it again before them, and step on it. Continue doing this until the players reach the finish line.

Wizard of Oz Trivia Game

It’s always exciting to play a good trivia game. Split your visitors into teams and award a little prize or favor to the team who successfully answers the most questions. First, you must have someone come up with trivia questions based on the Wizard of Oz film.

After that, print out the questions and cut them into slips. Fold the sheets of paper, then put them inside a container. Each team member must pull out one sheet and answer the written trivia question. 

Treasure Hunt

Arrange a treasure hunt with various clues and games for guests to complete while looking for the secret item. To add a twist, you may include other missions or games that they must accomplish before receiving their next clue. Players could perform a song from the film, reenact one scene, or participate in a water relay. 

Scarecrow Relay

Prepare two to four (depending on the number of teams) sets of scarecrow outfits. Then place them inside a box or a bag. You must divide your guests into two to four groups. 

Hand the box or the bag containing the outfits to the first player on each team. Each player will slip in all of their clothing (over their existing clothes) and run to the other side of the play area when the signal “go” is given. The player will then remove all of the scarecrow clothing, place it back inside the box or bag, and run back to the starting point, where the next player will repeat the process.

Tin Man’s Heart

Make a tin man sculpture to put on the wall using a foil or cardboard cutout. Put a heart-shaped hole on the tin man or draw it using a black marker. Hand each participant a red paper heart of the exact same size with the heart-shaped hole. Stick a piece of tape or adhesive on the back.

Before starting the game, ask the players to write down their names on their paper hearts. Blindfold them one at a time and see how close they can place their paper heart to the Tin Man’s heart. The one who successfully places their heart on the exact position of the Tin Man’s heart wins the game. 

Dorothy’s Obstacle Course

To play this game, players must take turns accomplishing tasks that Dorothy would normally do on her farm in Kansas. The first task is to feed the hens. Place some food on a plate in front of the plush toy chicken. 

Prepare a platform, and then the players must walk a straight line and balance themselves. This represents Dorothy walking on the fence of the pigpen. The players must go back to the starting point if they fail to balance themselves.

Lastly, grab a grey or black balloon, tuck it in between your knees, and jump back to the starting position. The balloons symbolize the tornadoes in Kansas.